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Serprotech Energy was established in 1998 in Venezuela. At first the company operated under the name of ESOPCA (Estrategia, Servicios y Operacion C.A) where the main activity was the supply of qualified manpower to service rotating equipment in the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industry in Venezuela.

Today we are a service company dedicated to provide, Field Services, Electromechanical Erection, Technical Field Advisors, Manpower, Equipment, Tools & Material Supply. To support operations in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Industrial and Petrochemical sectors in Latin America; contributing in maintenance cost savings and OPEX budgets for our customers.

Where we are

Strong Presence in Latin America

Our customers requires the best services at the highest quality standards in the industry; main reason why we are present with offices in 8 different countries in the region. We are close to our customers which allow us an immediate response during emergencies and in the planning phase of future works.


Specialized Services Personnel

Technical Field Advisor Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine, Compressors, Generator, Control. Specialized Personnel Services Mechanics for Turbines and Generators. Specialized Personnel Services Electrical and Instrumentation. Wind Power Operators. Protectionist Engineer, Mechanical Assembly Supervisor for Main Equipment on Transmission Stations.

Field Services

Inspection, Evaluations, Maintenance, Commissioning Support, and Start Up of Steam and Gas Turbines, Compressors, Generators. Maintenance, Rotor Reinsulating, Stator Rewinding, Commissioning Support and Start Up of Generators. Inspection, Evaluations, Maintenance on Site Transmission Stations Equipment. Mechanical Maintenance, Electric and Instrumentation Maintenance Industrial.


Electromechanical Erection, Rehabilitations, Construction, Commissioning Support on Transmission Stations Equipment. Electromechanical Erection of Steam and Gas Turbines, Generators, Compressors, and Auxiliary Equipment. Electromechanical Erection of BOP. Mobilizations and Relocations of Turbo-generators / Turbo-compressors and Auxiliaries Equipment.

Strategic Associations & Representations

EPC Projects development. National and International Specialized Workshop to Support Repair and Refurbished Parts and Equipment. Local companies to support Specialized Maintenance Services. Supply of Tools, Equipment and Spare Parts as part of Integrated Maintenance Services or Equipment Rehabilitation.

E&P Supply

Control and Management of Fluids such as Pumps, Valves, Motors, Compressors, Electro-submersible pumps. Electro-submersible motors. Sensors Frequency Drives. Distribution Transformers for wells. Power Generators. Oil Skids. Vent boxes. Couplings, Connection for Rotating Equipment. Major Parts Turbo-generators. Generator Parts. Isolation Kit, among others.

Tools, Equipment and Spare Parts Supply

Mechanical Manual Tools. Hydraulic equipment. Torque equipment. Lifting equipment. Mechanical Measurement Instruments. EI equipment. Laser Alignment Equipment. Simulation Equipment Failures in Power Lines (CP100). Oxyfuel Equipment. DRLO. AVANTI 10 and AVANTI 3 hydraulic wrenches.









We have an Integrated Management System (SIG) under the framework of he following standards:
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018

For the "Turbo Machinery Electromechanical Assembly Service", “Generator Maintenance" and "Turbine Maintenance", which allows to satisfy the requirements of our customers, with a minimum environmental impact and with the minimum security risk for workers‘ and their health.

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